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DDL's Policies and Procedures

By filling out Dynamic Dental Lab's lab slip you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


Warranty based off of case design)Special Circumstance Cases- All cases come with one wax try-in included in the total price for each appliance. Any additional wax try-ins are subject to an additional charge. 

- All cases requiring a shade change due to patient or Doctor preference, after the first wax try-in stage was completed, will be subject to a shade change fee. Fee depends on which Fee Schedule your office is on. 

- Any "redo" Appliances must be sent with original models and new impressions. 


Acrylic Partials (5+ Teeth)

  • Tier 1- 90 Days
  • Tier 2- 60 Days
  • Tier 3- 30 Days

Dentures (Excluding Immediate & Special Circumstance Cases):

  • Tier 1- 1 Year Warranty
  • Tier 2- 9 Month Warranty
  • Tier 3- 6 Month Warranty

Metal Frame Partial Acrylic & Teeth Only (Excluding Immediate & Special Circumstance Cases):

  • Tier 1- 1 Year Warranty
  • Tier 2- 9 Month Warranty
  • Tier 3- 6 Month Warranty

Metal Frames (Excluding if incorrect initial impressions were sent) :

  • Tier 1- 2 Year Warranty
  • Tier 2- 2 Year Warranty
  • Tier 3- 6 Month Warranty

Warranty on Case By Case Basis (Warranty based off of case design):

  • TCS Partial (Warranty based off of case design), Combo Partials, and Specialty Cases warranty will be determined based on the case type and design, our office will advise on best options to honor warranty.

No Warranty

  • Flippers/ Stay Plates (1-4 Teeth)
  • All repairs sent without models or impressions
  • Third Party Frames
  • All Thermoplastic (ex. Valplast, TCS, etc. ) repairs are considered temporary repairs
  • Dynamic Flex Partials
  • Temporary Partials

- All cases with 45 days of inactivity will be charged up to stage delivered. If articulators were not returned, they will be charged at this time as well.

Applies to all Removable Appliances

Please be advised, if the appliance does not fit in the patient's mouth, but does fit the model provided, DO NOT DISCARD THE INITIAL MODEL. Take a new impression & submit both models. If there is not a difference between the impression/models, a new one will be done at no cost to you. If there is a difference in the impression/models provided, your office will be charged for a new appliance. If you fail to provide the initial model work, our lab is unable to compare the models to find the point of error; thus, a fee for a new appliance will be charged to you.

Rush Fees

Please reference our Work Completion Schedule regarding how many business days in lab are required per stage. DO NOT count Day of Pick-Up/ Deliver, Weekends, or Holidays):

  • All stages leading up to Wax Try-In: $10 Rush Fee/ Per Day. 
  •  50% Case Rush Fee- If your office would like the Wax Try-In Stage or Process and Finish Stage Rushed
  • 100% Case Rush Fee- 1-3 Days Given in Lab for Process and Finish Stage.

Additional Fees

Case Hold/ Cancellation Fee

If a case is held in our office with inactivity for over 20 days and/ or the case is sent somewhere else to be finished, this fee will be applied.

Fuel Surcharge

If a case pick up is called in and the case is either not ready or the office cannot locate the case when our driver gets there and an additional run will need to be done, a $35 gas/ fuel surcharge fee will be added to the account. This also applies to In Office Appointments with our Technician Specialist if a patient does not show up for their appointment. If a patient cancels, please contact our office immediately in order to cancel the IOA and avoid this additional fee.  

Shipping Cases to Dynamic Dental Lab

Out of State, but Interested in Working with Us?

No Problem, we can still complete your work! Contact us for more information at 702-502-1818.


Customer pays inbound shipping to Dynamic Dental Lab.

We pay for the return shipping to customer.

Turnaround Time (Work Completion) Schedule

Case turnaround time will vary depending on services requested. For more information, please contact us at 702-502-1818.  

Packing Cases for Shipment

Please be sure to pack cases with optimal protection, as this is essential to insure that the cases arrives with no damage.


While always attempting to make our practices and their patients we serve happy, we understand sometimes not every person will be 100% content. Dynamic Dental Laboratory does not participate in refunds. 

 Requests for credits will need to be submitted in writing (email accepted) to our Account Management Department at for further information to be reviewed and final credit confirmation to be decided. Again, please take note that the patient or physician not being content with a finished prosthesis is not a valid request for a credit to be applied (Unless it is a Straight to Finish Case Type). As the case is approved by the doctor and patient, when the office requests for the case to be  processed and finished. All changes for a case must be requested prior to authorizing the prosthesis to be processed and finished. If Credit is approved by our lab, a credit will be placed onto the account in the amount established from our lab.

Scheduled In-Office Appointments

Dynamic Dental Lab's technician's in office consultation fee is:

Case fee time begins at scheduled appointment hour.

  •  $60.00/ hr. for non-implant cases

  • $150/ 1.5 hr., for implant cases 


Dynamic Dental Laboratory has implemented a new way to pay; quickly, efficiently, and hassle free! It's as simple as receiving a patient case invoice via email, and clicking the "Pay" option, and you're done! You will always receive a receipt showing you've paid as well. Dynamic Digital Invoices will be emailed after each case is turned in. 

  • After receiving a Dynamic Digital Invoice, if you still wish to pay by check, that works as well. As soon as we receive your check, the invoice will be marked as paid.

  • As a new office, your first 3 cases will be COD. After that the payment period is biweekly set up for the first 3 months. After this time period, if you wish to alter the payment period please contact us so we can arrange one that best suites both parties.
  • Statements are sent every 2 weeks with the patient names and invoice numbers to reference each case.
  • All accounts are payable within 5 business days (unless placed on COD status) of statement date. Accounts not paid within the stated terms will be subject to a weekly $25.00 late fee and will be placed on COD status until the account is brought to a $0 balance.

If Account is placed on COD (Cash On Delivery) Status:

  • Your office can either pay COD which would consist of payment due upon delivery of the case, or pay via Dynamic Digital Invoice in which Dynamic Dental Laboratory will send a DDI invoice through to your email and you can pay online right from that email, by the end of the business day on which the case is delivered to avoid any late fees.


In selecting from our Tier 1, all acrylic utilized is for high impact, long term usage. Teeth used for this tier are 4 layered teeth. All implant related prosthesis, whether screw or tissue retained, are always fabricated with the highest grade acrylic and teeth and are always Tier 1. Implant component brands selected for each case are selected by the physician. 

Our Tier 2 acrylic is a combination between our high impact and hybrid acrylic. Teeth used for this tier are 3 layered teeth. 

Materials utilized for our Tier 3 are appropriated for the great low prices we offer your practice. Teeth used for this tier are 2 layered teeth. While craftsmanship and the quality of the work we fabricate is always of the highest standard; cost effective materials are used for these prosthesis. 

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